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* Service is pre-paid annually
8/15/2005 - Resellers
We are currently seeking organizations interested in reselling our services, contact us today for more information.
8/15/2005 - $9.95 Access!
Access the Internet for only $9.95 per month*!  Every account gets free technical support.
8/15/2005 - Website Launched
Welcome to the new home of North Net Internet Services on the WWW!
8/15/2005 - Fundraisers
Looking for ways to make some extra cash for your group or club?  Contact North Net today, we can help!!


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Why use North Net's Dialer?
- It auto-configures your DUN
- It auto-configures Outlook Express
- Receive important updates from
   us automatically when you logon!

The best value for your $9.95!

We provide you with Unlimited local dialup access, 1 Spam and Virus protected email account, and toll-free 24x7 technical support*.

*Most other $9.95 dialup providers charge you per minute or per instance for your technical needs, ours is included free of charge, and its 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year!! 

Plus, we donate $1.00 to your local organizations!

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